Corporate Catered Party Packages in Calgary

Rent the Archery Games venue for your upcoming office party

Host a memorable work party this year with Archery Games Calgary! We provide a fun and unique activity to go along with your work function.

The Archery Games lobby can accommodate seating and catering for up to 40 guests

Office Christmas Party Space at Archery Games Calgary
Tables for catering for a corporate Christmas party


Recommended group size: up to 40 players

STEP 1: Full Arena 2hr Rental Base Price

The rental cost of our arena for a 2 hour event is $699.00 + GST

Our Archery Games referees will split your group into different teams and run an organized archery tag tournament throughout the 2 hour event.

Add as many additional hours as you would like for an additional $300.00 + GST per hour

STEP 2: Our Catering Option



Choices include items such as roast beef, glazed ham, roasted turkey, chicken and salmon – plus side dishes, salad and dessert. This option is great for large groups and corporate events, and it requires a minimum of 25 guests.

 Hot Plated Dinner Buffet PDF

Do you want a different food option than what’s listed above? Or do you want to organize your own food for the event? Give us a call (587-387-2799) and let us know what food options you would like organized!

STEP 3: Optional Escape Room Add-on (+$150/game)

The Locked Room’s “Hangar 403” escape room is located within our facility and can be added onto your event for $150 + GST per game!

Hangar 403 takes on Area 51 lore and inspiration from the X-Files to create an immersive extra-terrestrial themed escape game. Have up 6 players try and solve the mystery of the alien conspiracy hidden within the walls of Hangar 403! The escape game has a time limit of 70 minutes to complete.


Call us: 587-387-2799 or e-mail us: to inquire about a corporate party at Archery Games Calgary


People grabbing arrows at Archery Games Calgary

Archery Games is an action-packed combat archery experience that allows 2 teams of 10 players to battle it out with bows and foam tipped arrows in an indoor arena. The game-play is similar to dodge-ball, and the ultimate objective of the game is to tag all of the opposing players with arrows in order to eliminate them from the game. All players are supplied with bows, arm guards and helmets, and the games are run by a referee. Each game lasts a maximum of 4 minutes, and there are 8 different game modes offered. No experience or athletic level is required as there will be training prior, and you can play as hard as you want.


People solving puzzles in Hangar 403 at The Locked Room

Hangar 403 is an immersive escape experience designed by The Locked Room. Players are put through the task of uncovering a government alien conspiracy theory through solving puzzles and deducing clues. Groups of up to 6 players can play the room at the same time and the teams are given 70-minutes to escape the room. Puzzles include deciphering codes, completing calculations, pulling levers in a correct sequence, translating alien symbols to form a message, and so much more! Work together and collaborate as a team to solve the mystery of Hangar 403!