Royalty Game Mode


This game is a ‘free for all’. There are no teams and it is every person for themselves.
Players may not shoot players who are on the same side of the field as them – they may only shoot across the Safety Zone. Players can however switch sides as many times as they like.
No shooting from the Safety Zone, or shooting players in it. Players that do this will be counted as out.

A side of the field cannot be left vacant, so the last player on a side is stuck there until (a) someone else joins them, (b) they are hit, or (c) they happen to win the game on their own.
If the last player on one side of the field is hit, the ref pauses the game, splits the players up, and resumes play after 3 seconds.


The last two players remaining may win the game in two ways:
A) Tag the other remaining player or
B) Knock out a target


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