Archery Games Calgary Teambuilding

Calgary Team-Building & Event Packages

Looking to rent the Archery Games arena for corporate team-building, birthday party, bachelor / bachelorette party, or a private function? Our facility can host events for up to 40 people!

Host an Event at the Archery Games Facility

Our 1 hour & 2 hour event Archery Game event packages are listed below:

Full Archery Arena 1 Hour Rental

Groups of up to 16 players

Price: $400+GST

  • 15 minutes of training for entire group
  • 1 hour of gameplay
  • Up to 16 players
  • Up to 8 archery combat game modes
  • Hi-res digital team picture
  • Ability to bring in food or drinks (non-alcoholic) and use our lobby tables during your game (and for 30 minutes after your game).
  • Additional Hours: Rent the archery arena for additional hours at a rate of $300/hr for all subsequent hours after the first hour.

Private Tournament 2 Hour Rental

Recommended group size: 17-32 players

Price: $700+GST

  • 15 minutes of training for entire group
  • 2 hours of gameplay
  • Up to 32 players (16 playing at the same time)
  • A variety of game modes will be run by the Archery Games referees for the tournament
  • Hi-res digital team picture
  • Group is split into 4 teams for the tournament
  • Teams run through a round-robin to seed followed by a playoff round to determine the winner of the tournament
  • All teams are guaranteed 3 matches that are played in a best of 3 games format + additional warm-up games
  • Ability to bring in food or drinks (non-alcoholic) during your tournament and seating for up to 40 players in the lobby.


Archery Games is a great team-building activity and it’s a sport that everyone can enjoy! We supply the necessary equipment and archery training so that your staff will be firing arrows within minutes!

We understand that every company and team is different, so please contact us to discuss how we can deliver an amazing corporate event for you.


Celebrate birthdays, date nights, anniversaries and any other private events with a unique and unforgettable experience.

At Archery Games we do our very best to accomodate any type of event, please email us at: with any private event inquiries!


Archery Games makes a great venue for bachelor or bachelorette parties! We can host up to 32 people at our venue and allow room for food and drinks (non-alcoholic).

Plus there’s no better feeling than hitting the man or woman to be with a flurry of arrows!

Please e-mail us at: or call our customer service line: (587) 387-2799 for any private event inquires or help in making a private event booking.